What area do your services cover?

Why should we use Xenetech Plus?

We are the only factory authorized technicians on the West Coast with full factory support and parts. We continually maintain our skills with factory training. Don’t jeopardize your equipment with inexperienced and un-authorized people.

Do you offer phone support?

Yes! The Xenetech technical support is always your best first point of contact, but we are always available and willing to offer assistance with any software or system question.

Do you offer annual service contracts?

The ASC is intended to be an integral part of a preventative maintenance program, designed to keep your investment running efficiently throughout the year and to prevent downtime. Contact us today!

What if you find more problems than quoted?

We will work with you to explain the issue, possible cause and when would be the best time to have it resolved. Most times we have most parts with us so we can change it ...

Whom to contact in case of any grievances

We Guarantee our work and promise to rectify any fault arising out of faulty workmanship at our cost. However the guarantee does not hold good for mishandling and breakable items. Contact us immediately!

Ask Your Questions

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