The Benefits

Un-Even Material Engraving

Automatic surface sensing, senses every cutter down with an optical proximity sensor allowing engraving on wavy or uneven material

Unique Touch Screen Pendant

With the Viper® Pendant, you have complete, touch-screen access to your engraving system. The hand-held key pad gives you the ultimate control

Viper®II Electronics

Viper®II Electronics connect via Ethernet connection giving you the ultimate engraving controller

Professional Engraving Software

Written and developed by engraving professionals — Our industry-standard engraving and signmaking software continues to exceed the expectations of professionals everywhere

Fully Networkable

This type of connection will allow you to download jobs from multiple computers on your local network. Jobs can be easily downloaded to a job queue and recalled by the engraving system operator

Life-time Firmware Upgrades

Xenetech software developers will keep you on the cutting edge and help you efficiently tackle every engraving challenge

Touch Screen Pendant

Touch screen keypad: With the Viper® Pendant, you have complete, touch-screen access to your engraving system. The hand-held key pad gives you the ultimate control to select jobs from the hard drive, engrave jobs (forward/reverse by character, line, plate, and job), check XYZ positioning and digital readouts, override engraving speeds, program the z axis, record job timing, and more.

Leading Technology

Xenetech incorporates its exclusive Viper®II electronics technology and its Xenetech Graphic Workstation (XGW-32) engraving application software into every Xenetech rotary system. Ethernet-based Viper®II Electronics provide unmatched speed and control over the job from a touch screen pendant. These sophisticated electronics allow the engraver to change engraving speeds while the job is engraving as well as engrave, or re-engrave by character, line, and plate. The Viper®interpolates all axes simultaneously to provide high precision engraving including 3D.

Top Quality Components

To build the finest engraving machine Xenetech start with the best electronic and mechanical components. Every motor, switch, lead screw nut, in fact every component is rated and exceeds the requirements for its intended role in the system. Further they hand assemble all of the systems at the factory and perform a 242-point quality inspection with a 48 hour burn-in prior to shipping the system to you.

Software Features

Professional Engraving Software

Real-time graphics and text layout compatible with Windows XP, VIST, Win7, Win8, Win 9 & Windows 10 (32bit & 64bit)

40 Engraving Fonts

Choice of 40 engraving fonts, including ADA fonts, logos & symbols. (90+ engraving fonts available)

Multiple Plate

Multiple-plate capability allows engraving a series of plates without individual plate set-ups and separate runs

Panel Layout

Panel face layout is valuable in industrial and architectural design applications

Automatic Braille

Automatic Braille translation to Grade 1 or California (Title 24) Braille

Job Pricing

Job pricing is designed to calculate pricing based on page content (text, logos & material)

Key Features

An investment in a Xenetech XOT1625 Rotary Engraving System begins with top-of-the-line performance and a wide variety of features and enhancements, including:

High performance Viper®II Electronics with USB touch screen pendant
10 ips and faster engraving speed
State-of-the-art motion control system with Xen-Nano™ Technology
Automatic surface sensing on all machines (standard)
X, Y and Z-axes resolution/repeatability standard: .000313", user selectable: .000625" and .000156"
Spindle motor: 1/4 hp spindle motor 20,000 rpm
Xenetech’s professional engraving software (included)
Xenetech XOT1625 Rotary Engraving System


Xenetech Technical Specifications
Software Xenetech Graphic Workstation™
Maximum work area 16" x 25" (400 sq. in.)
Maximum size part 18.5" (W) x Unlimited Length x 7.188" (H)
Z-Axis Stroke 2" Standard
Spindle Type 11/64", 6mm or 1/4" / Top-Loading, Collet Spindle Available
Resolution / Speed Standard: .000313", @ 10+ IPS
User selectable: .000625" and .000156"
Table Type Aluminum T-slot
Interface Ethernet
Controller Viper® II High-Speed Controller
Warranty 2-Year Limited
Power Requirements 110/220V 10 Amp
Footprint 32"(W) x 34"(D) x 11"(H)
Viper® Touch Screen Pendant Dimensions 7.5"(W) x 1"(D) x 4.5"(H)
Shipping Weight 440 lbs
Additional Options Self-Centering Vise, Speed Vise, Cylindrical Attachment, Vacuum Chip Removal


Automatically collect engraving debris left by rotating cutters during the engraving process.

EngraveLab is the complete design and engraving software solution aimed at maximizing the potential of laser and rotary engraving systems.

Financing Available

We offer a fast and simple solution for companies looking at acquiring a new Xenetech Engraving System.

Key Benefits
  • Fast & Simple
  • Preserve Cash Flow
  • Increased Tax Benefits
  • Retain Lines of Credit


Advanced Graphic Engraving
Chris Vedrines
As an owner of four Xenetech Engraving Systems, we have found Xenetech's commitment to service excellence is unmatched.
Crown Trophy, Lewisville
Greg Duggan
"Xenetech has offered us excellent service over many years"
University of Memphis
J David Burton
I have two 912's, One equipped with viper electronics, the other is old school, both work great and do a huge job for the demands of work.

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